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2 german girls review greek cafes in Astoria Queens

Thursday, June 15, 2006

What We've gotten into Update

Still lots of caffeine to consume...

Athens Cafe -- 30th and 32nd
Omonia Cafe -- Broadway and 33rd
Kolonaki Cafe -- Broadway and 33rd
Zodiac -- 31st and Newtown
Byzantine -- 31st and Newtown
Lefkos Pyrgos -- 23rd Ave at 31st
Park Kafe -- 30th and 30th
Wassi Coffee Lounge -- 28th and 37th

To Do
Plaza Cafe -- 30th and 29th
Cafe Bar -- 36th and 32nd
Cavo Cafe -- 31st and 42nd
Grand Cafe -- 30th and 37th
Flo -- 30th and 38th
Lefkos Pyrgos -- 23rd at 31st
Avenue Cafe -- 30th and 36th
Santorini -- Steinways and ??
Galaxy -- 30th and 37th
Flo, -- 38th and 30th ave
Avenue Cafe -- 30th and 36th
Galaxy -- 30th and 37th
Locale -- 34th and 33rd
Elite- 28th and 32nd

*updated 6/17/06 by amy*


  • At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Emily said…

    Santorini is on Steinway and 28th. Thanks for doing this, I am a big fan of Athens Cafe, but honestly haven't branched out much so it's great to see what you think about the cafes if I ever am feeling ambitious enough!

  • At 4:51 PM, Anonymous MJC said…

    Hi! I like your blog. I realize this is not a Greek cafe but for cafe-completeness' sake, you may want to check out Freezepeach. It's at 22-00 29th St (Ditmars Blvd & 29th St). More of a coffeehouse-y thing; don't think they have frappes but they have other nice drinks. Just throwing it out there.

  • At 2:40 PM, Blogger Costa said…

    Café-Bar (a.k.a. Monica's ~ the place doesn't have a name/ Monica's the owner) 32-90 36th St.

    Brick 30-95 33rd St.


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