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2 german girls review greek cafes in Astoria Queens

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Park Kafe- 30th Ave and 30th St

We know you missed us last week, but don't worry too much. The old-lady mafia didn't take us down. We were just a little busy, and we're back!

Park Cafe is the reincarnation of Baru (which received this rather unflattering review from Joey in Astoria). Neither of us ever visited Baru but Park Cafe must be a huge improvement.

The decor is trendy and cute. If it weren't for the Greek columns visible across the street in Athens Park, you could almost imagine you were in Manhattan (not that we don't love Astoria). It was a beautiful day, but we're still wary of sitting outside until it's a little warmer out (and then it will probably be too warm out and we'll want to sit inside because we are ridiculously difficult). If Amy had a porch she would consider registering for the adorable stripy patio chairs (perhaps she should register for a house, or at the very least a yard, instead). The wide open windows and the incredibly comfy leather chairs made us see why people choose to lounge in the cafes for hours on end. There were a few questionable choices (the surface of the bar probably didn't *need* to glow...), yet that seems to be the norm.

We had conflicting opinions on the bathroom and thus will have to review it separately -- maybe one of you can make a visit and cast the tie breaking vote.

Amy says: After the past two HORRIBLE bathrooms (Zodiac and Byzantine, I'm looking at you), walking into the bathroom at Park Kafe was like walking into bathroom-paradise. The sink was stunning, and with the exception of the ass-ugly rose petals in the decorative bowl, the decor was nice, yet still understated. The bathroom was not trying too hard. I didn't even notice the iridescent of the wall tiles until I was about to leave. Not to mention, automatic hand-dryers are theoretically better for the environment than paper towels. Bravo Park Kafe. I give it 4.5/5.

Brianna says: Amy made the first visit to the bathroom and came back gushing so I had no choice but to also embark on a trip to the loo. It probably is the nicest cafe bathroom that we've been to (though i was horribly bored with no graffiti to entertain me) but Amy may have oversold. The wall tile is a funky iridescent color but the grout work is sloppy and the round bowl-like sink is impressive but it's neighboring silver plate is a sad obvious attempt to cover up the hole in the counter meant for a second sink. Also: No paper towels. I give it a 3/5.

The menu was the typical behemoth, you can have anything from steak-on-a-stick to fried ravioli to pineapple mojitos. There are surprisingly few Greek options (save a plate of dips a la Zodiac, and a tempting baked cheese appetizer). Though we entered the cafe with the desire for some honey drenched, philo-baked goodness, there was not one to be ordered. We opted instead for fondue ($10.95) and two Frappes (3.75 each). The Frappes were, again, over ice instead of blended which we are all but convinced is the ideal. We've set a goal of solving one cafe mystery per review and today we were able to verify the pronunciation for Frappe -- we can now officially stop looking like uncultured ogres -- it's Frap-ay.

The fondue, though great to look at wasn't smooth enough and we felt like the combo of cheese and bread could have benefited from some roughage (apples? carrots?) to dip in between slices of carbs coated in fat but neither of these points kept us from consuming almost the entire bowl. The menu described the fondue as a blend of a few cheeses and you could really taste the feta which gave it a sharp edge that we both enjoyed. We peeked onto the plates of the tables around us and spied two huge decadent looking ice cream sundaes, so we plan on a revisit for American dessert sometime in the near future.

The patrons skewed young, and predominantly Greek-speaking, despite the lack of Greek cuisine. The group of five boys sitting next to us were attractive and friendly (We kept taking pictures of what seemed like the back of their heads. They may have thought we were stalking them) and the group of ladies in the back were equally attractive.

Service was good...our pretty Greek waitress was ready to take our order before we were (because we were slackers- not because she rushed us), and our food came quickly. However she did dally a bit in bringing the check after we finished (perhaps allowing us opportunity to lounge).

Awesome Astoria Activity:

Athens Park.... complete with statue of Athena straight from Athens (thanks guys!)

Overall, here's the final score:

Food: 3.5
Service: 4
Ambiance: 5
Average Attractiveness of Staff: 4
Average Attractiveness of Patrons: 4.5


  • At 11:14 PM, Anonymous Joe said…

    I finally came to your blog...

    And I still say you guys are not German. American- yes. Blonde- yes. Of Germanic decent- yes. Although, Amy admit it, you're Litchensteinian if anything.

  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger mia said…

    so, I've definitly been looked at with much disdain after ordering a frappe and saying "frap-ay". in one instance was quized with "you wanna frap?" after a pause while she tried to translate.
    I'm confused.

  • At 11:03 AM, Blogger themikestand said…

    "loo, loo... trip to the loo."

    Sorry. All I ever hear anymore is kids' music.

  • At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My crazy there..lovely service..coming soon..

  • At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    the service is good, the food tastes nice and come on with the loo........ they changed the ugly petal rose in the bathroom.........and the frappe is pronounce frape and it comes from the french word frape tha means shake.........kisses to all tha amazing girls working there

  • At 10:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you guys made me so happy , i miss astoria soooo much , i miss going to all those greek cafes. keep putting more pictures of those places, maybe some cute greek guys!!!!!

  • At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Lisa said…

    Im surprised that everyone can walk away from eating at this place and not be annoyed. This post will be a bit scattered just because we just left there... Yeah the food is ok. Over priced, but I guess someone has to pay for the ikea decor and the flat screen tv. Mostly we give up and just go in there because the diner on the corner of 31st and 30th is packed. It always seems like we end up waiting 30 minutes for the check, after another waitress (cause our waitress is M.I.A. or staring right through us) clears off our table. You can never never ever get your coffee refilled even once unless you basically get down on your knees and beg someone to do it or just ask 3 or 4 times in the span of 40 minutes to remind them. And this last time, we walked in, they handed us a brunch menu (which is some what single minded because it has absolutely nothing on it for a vegetarian or someone who just wants a light meal, yes there is french toast or pancakes, but they are made with eggs therefore not veggie) so i asked if they had the other menu, because in the past, ive found stuff on that one that i can eat. She said they were only serving brunch, so i had to do a 'special' order (OMG, its like the end of the world for them, since the menu says 'no special order'). I dont understand. they have the food, but i cant just get french fries because i have to get an whole meal to get the french fries. Yeah yeah yeah, why should they just have to cater to me? well im guessing im probably not the only one and in this day and age not everyone is shoving their gullets with animal carcass anymore. And the odd thing was, 5 minutes after we got our "brunch" menus, the people that sat next to us got the other menu. Literally 5 minutes later. Why couldnt we just get that menu and make the whole situation easier? So basically, i paid $7.50, more than what my boyfriend paid ($6.95 for eggs, sausage, homefries, and toast), for a side of toast and a side of hashbrowns. I should have just ordered the eggs, sausage, homefries, and toast without the sausage and eggs and I would have saved 55 cents. But 55 cents isnt so bad, it just seems like a big deal after waiting 30 minutes for a check while the waitress keeps looking at you. Doesnt she wonder why we are staring at her, or why weve pilled all our dishes and napkins on top of each other so she can take them away easier, or even why weve put our jackets and sunglasses on or maybe why we keep waving to her, or maybe why we are passing out in our chairs after trying to have a breakfast that literally took over an hour to get and finish when the place isnt even that busy?. She still looks right past us. I dont understand. Even the guy who looks like he might be the manager is right there too. Doesnt he wonder why these people are just waving? Is it a ploy to get the place full so it looks like the place is always packed, therefore making people think that it must be great? On a good note, at least this time, the trippy techno music wasnt blarring so loud. Last time I felt like we should have broke out the glow sticks and started doing shots, instead of getting breakfast. Weve randomly been there 3 times now, because the other place is packed, and we always get the same waitress and its always the same story. I think in the future, well just grab the train to Mikes near the ditmars stop. Id rather deal with greasy food then all this confusion again. 3 times and youre out. Strike. in the end, a solution to this would be if queens would just end up on and people could see the menus and read comments before they venture off on a street looking for reasonable food.

  • At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 9:23 PM, Blogger LD said…

    My roommate and I tried to go here tonight and it's unfortunately no longer there.....we had to settle for Plaza Lounge across the way instead. Anyone out there know what happened to Park Kafe?

  • At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    not sure what happened to park kafe but thankfully they won't be serving those awful "omeletes" for brunch anymore. i'm sorry but those were the most disgusting plates of food i've ever seen. you cannot serve a burnt fritatta and expect people to believe its an omelete.

    i will say this, i walked by there a day or so after it mysteriously disappeared (meaning one day it was open, the next it was not just closed, but empty -- even permanent fixtures like the bar were gone) and there was a sign that said "Come join us over at Plaza Lounge." it all seems very suspicious to me...

  • At 2:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    it's not suspicious. the owner is the same guy. i worked there.


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