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Saturday, April 14, 2007

We're Back!

Did we fail to mention that this blog was seasonal? During the winter months we tend to be very very busy avoiding the outdoors and bitching about how cold we are – there is no time for cafeing and we have to limit our catty comments to the confines of our living rooms (something that café owners might enjoy but the bad karma effect felt by wannabe Top Models is so strong that some of them may even forget how to be fierce (and when we say some we specifically mean Jael). Much like the pathetically unspring-y weather we are easing into things – so no, we didn’t actually leave the house and review a café… but when gmail notified us of a very upset reader (take a look at the Omonia Café review) we thought about going to cafe! We thought about it so much that we decided to take a look at our to-do list.

Athens Cafe -- 30th and 32nd
Omonia Cafe -- Broadway and 33rd
Kolonaki Cafe -- Broadway and 33rd
Lefkos Pyrgos -- 23rd Ave at 31st
Zodiac -- 31st and Newtown
Byzantine -- 31st and Newtown
Park Kafe -- 30th and 30th
Wassi Coffee Lounge -- 28th and 37th
Avenue Cafe -- 30th and 36th
Locale -- 34th and 33rd
Plaza Cafe -- 30th and 29th
Grand Cafe -- 30th and 37th
Galaxy -- 30th and 37th
Flo -- 30th and 38th
Cafe Bar -- 36th and 32nd

To Do
Cavo Cafe -- 31st and 42nd
Elite- 28th and 32nd

Defunct Before We Could Review Them
(probably due to lack of advertisement on this site)
Santorini -- Steinways and ??

Dudes! Only two left? I’m sure this is woefully out of date… so help us dear readers, what new cafés opened up during our months of hibernation?

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